Mitchell Starc has warned Ravichandran Ashwin

Mitchell Starc has warned Ravichandran Ashwin that he will have to deal with some serious music from him on his next tour Down Under.

The story between Starc and Ashwin goes back to the Bengaluru test match.

It actually started with Abhinav Mukund top edging Starc for six runs over the keeper’s head which didn’t go well with the southpaw pacer and he had a few words to say in return to the Indian opener.

While speaking, Starc was also pointing towards his head as if he was telling Mukund that he should be ready to be stuck on the head in the next over.

Mukund, however, got dismissed by Josh Hazlewood before Starc could bowl any more deliveries to him.

But, Ashwin, who comes from the same state as Mukund and is very close to him, didn’t like Starc’s sledging and decided to have a revenge for his friend.

Luckily when Starc came in to bat, Ashwin was firing on all cylinders and he bowled an absolute peach to the big Aussie to knock him over and then made the same gesture towards him that he had made towards Mukund earlier.

By making that gesture, the off spinner probably taunted Starc that he wasn’t able to do what he had said and instead he had been cleaned up himself.

Starc, at that time, just went off the field with a wry smile on his face, but, recently after reaching Australia, when he was asked what message he would like to convey to Ashwin, the speedster said that Ashwin would get an answer of that when he faces him on the Australian turf in future.

Ashwin wouldn’t be afraid hearing that though. He is that kind of a personality. He is always up for a challenge and he is not the worst player of the short balls either.

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