Australia wont be Playing up to their Strenght

Australia might not be playing with the strongest XI in the opening game of the test series versus India.

Many of the players who regularly feature for the Kangaroos in test cricket are devastated by the recent Phillip Hughes’ tragedy and the Australian Cricket Board totally understands their situation.

The board chief, Mr. James Sutherland, clearly said while talking to the press yesterday that it’s not mandatory for every player to feature in the first game.
According to Sutherland, those who feel that they need more time to work their way through this horrific phase can withdraw themselves.

In the words of Sutherland, “Anybody who is uncomfortable getting back to the game in such a short space of time can pull out. The board as well as the audience would understand it. We have all been hurt and it’s just about co-operating each other at this point in time.”

“It’s not a limited-over game which would get over in a few hours. It’s the longest form of the game and you are tested mentally while playing it. So, it’s up to the individual players to make the decision about their availability. We would be okay with their decisions.”

Actually, quite a few of the Aussie players were playing in that game in which Hughes took that life taking blow on one of his arteries. They saw that happening in front of their eyes. So, it’s quite obvious that are shattered emotionally and it would take them a while to be normal again.

However, Michael Clarke, who is the skipper of the Australian test side, wants to play and help his juniors out there in the middle.

The first game would be played from 9th to 13th of this month at the Adelaide Oval.

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