Glenn Maxwell back in form is helping Australian Team

Glenn Maxwell’s return in form is the best news for Australia at this stage because if Maxwell is delivering with the bat, it makes them that much more deadly a team to contend with.

In the title game of the Carlton Mid tri series, Maxwell scored 95. The value of that knock was immense just because of the time at which it was played.

English had the chance to win that game right there when Maxwell arrived. If they had got rid of the Victorian and a couple more low order players cheaply, the Aussies would have struggled to get to even 150 on those tricky 22 yards in Perth.

But, Maxwell, with his crisp batting, changed the game and showed why he had been given that name ‘The Big Show’ by the Kangaroo fans. He is indeed a big occasion player.

When you have as much talent as a batsman as Maxwell has, you always think of playing miraculous shots. But, the game comes back to bite you on the back if you look to get over ambitious. You might be the most talented in the world, but, you have to keep your shape, otherwise, the success will always elude you.

Maxwell seems to have understood that. He has learnt how important it is to get rid of the recklessness. Off late, he has looked to give himself some balls before going nuts. He used to go for biggies from the first ball in the past.

Even in that final against England, he was vey watchful to start with. Of course, when the drive was on or the cut was on, he went for it, but, there was no forcing the issue.
He is such a good player, Maxwell, that if he just tries to play normally, he would score at better than a run a ball.

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