Mitchell Johnson had proved to be sort of unplayable for England

It’s not long back when Mitchell Johnson had proved to be sort of unplayable for England.

The Three Lions were just not able to find a way to deal with the left arm speedster when they had faced him in Australia a couple of years back.

But, Johnson might not be able to make the same sort of impact in the Ashes series this time around as he is not going to get the pitches to his liking.

The English pitches will be slow and low and bounce will not be that much of a factor.

However, with the speed that Johnson can crank up, he might still have a thing or two to say, but, for him to intimidate the batsmen the same way as he had done in 2013-14, it’s probably not possible.

However, the second Mitchell in the Australian team i.e. Mitchell Starc would thrive on the English conditions.

Starc, like Johnson, also bowls left arm fast and is of the same speed, but, the length that he delivers is quite different.

He looks to keep the ball full and swing it back into the right handed batsmen.

And, he is very accurate, Starc. Despite being in the high one forties, rarely does he offer a loose ball to the batsman.

It would be interesting though if Starc gets himself into the playing XI or not for the first test in Cardiff.

Ryan Harris and Johnson are the two certainties and the competition for the third place is between Starc and Josh Hazlewood.

The Cardiff wicket can turn on the 4th and the 5th day. So, there is not much chance of Australia fielding an all pace attack.

Australia has not won an away Ashes series in the last 14 years.

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