PotPlayer FULL 64 Bit download

PotPlayer FULL 64 Bit download


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There are many free media players and a third person PotPlayer is another great option for playing video and music.

While most people are now streaming music or videos, there are situations where you do not have a data connection, and locally saved files are the only option. PotPlayeris an excellent media player that can handle a wide range of media types.

the quality of playback depends on the hardware if the program is installed ist.PotPlayer does not have a problem to get a GB MOV file, 865 MB MKV or AVI GB for playback. Smaller files should be playedwithout problems. You can modify file information and view a detailed overview of information about the file, including the use of the CPU.

Supports the translation of the PotPlayer .ass- and Srt files and automatically translates the subtitle when they are in the same folderas a video file. The PotPlayer options are great. You can optimize PotPlayer for the best performance, but the default settings work well for most videos.

PotPlayer can also play audio files. It contains common visualizations or you can downloadmore online. The program offers a lot of information about audio files as a bit rate, file type and number of channels. Like other media players, it also has an audio pre-selected for an equalizer that all function well. This is not a substitute for good stereo, but it affects the sound.

The programis from Daum, a Korean company, but the program is presented in English during and after the installation. The termination is that PotPlayer is not in the system tray just displayed in the notification area. To use the program, you must bring it to the open area of ​​your screenor find it in notifications.

PotPlayer is an editable alternative to first-generation media. The solid construction has a wide range of supported formats and the quality of playback is great for video and audio.


and add the conditions to the default management optionwith automatic configuration

Added support for the madVR pixel shader function

Added support for Super-subtitles (Blu-ray)

The ability to play MP3 files with text is added

Added DIVX support (XSUB) translations

Added possibility for switching to stereo channels

Addedis the ability to set Download Folder in One Place (F5 Capture Folder)

A fixed question where the translation is synchronized

Fixed drop in the reproduction of some BIK files

Some corrections for DVD subtitles and DVD menus with DXVA2

improved pixel jump management

Improved handlingwith a logo

Added support for Daum Cloud https

Bookmarks have now been limited to 2000

Improved configuration conditions for automatic selection management

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