Darren Lehmann May Sack any Player for Upcoming Series

Darren Lehmann hints that any player in the Aussie side may have to suffer the sack for the coming match in Colombo.

It’s believed that bowling quartet might just be retained as they bowled out Sri Lanka twice in Galle, but, some of the batters, who played the previous two matches, would perhaps find themselves carrying waters.

However, Lehmann has assured whoever has to leave his place in the eleven would still be in the frame of selection when the South Africa series begins and the sack would only be for this particular game.

As per Lehmann, telling someone that you are not playing him is always a sorry situation, but, you can’t escape from it when you entrusted with the job of picking the XI.

The young Australian top order players who, since being drafted into the side the previous summer, had been racking up tons have not looked any better than the school boys facing slow bowling of Sri Lanka.

However, pulling them up for poor skills or preparation is harsh because it’s their first exposure to such conditions. In Australia, rarely do they find such dryness in the surfaces they play and rarely do they see red ball turn with as much fizz as it has done in Sri Lanka.

Back in the day, a couple of Aussie surfaces were like that and 2-pacer-2-spinner combination was a fruitful prospect and Australia hence had a couple of decent players of spin too.

But, nowadays each and every surface that the Australian curators present is true and batting season in season out on such stone hard surfaces does not develop spin playing skills in the players at all.

Lehmann himself had talked up this issue ahead of the second test and had demanded variation in the playing conditions around the country.

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