England cricket tour of New Zealand

Sports’ betting is a popular activity, and one of the most popular sports for people in this country to wager on is cricket – which reflects the special place that the game has in the hearts and minds of many in the UK. Cricket betting can take many forms, with people betting on test series’, individual one day matches, club and international cricket, and tours – like the one that the England team is due to make to New Zealand this summer.

This is a pretty extensive tour, which involves the England team playing three Test matches, three Twenty20 international matches and three one-day international matches and will represent England’s first visit to New Zealand since 2008. So far it is still too early for much information about the odds for these matches to be available on the sports betting sites, but the tour will offer cricket betting fans a wealth of potential areas to bet on. For example, betting on Test matches allows you to wager on the result of the match itself, which side will take a first innings lead, which player from each team will take the most wickets during each innings, and even which side will win the coin toss before the start of the match.

In addition to this there are also other types of bets available specifically for the one-day and Twenty20 matches involved in the tour, but for those who cannot wait for the odds to be made available on the sports betting sites, there is always the option of playing a cricket game at one of the online casinos.

A slot game like The Umpire Strikes Back, found in gamingclub.co.uk, features symbols based on cricket – including helmets, balls, wickets, bats and pads, alongside graphics and audio designed to capture the feel of being on the cricket field. Thus it represents a great way to get a fix of cricket and betting while waiting for the chance to bet on the New Zealand tour.

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